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Show Her Romance, is Not a Dead Language

Show Her Romance is not a Dead Language

Installation, 2016

Textils, mirrors, wood, silicone, found objects, audio loop and a text by Joshua Roginsky Set in a shop window, this installation explores the gendered marketing of romance both within contemporary consumer culture and classic pop culture. Romantic and charming hollywood scenes from famous films like Titanic, Pretty Woman, and Breakfast at Tiffany´s, are selling the idea of the gifted jewellery as gesture of love, rather than a announcement of ownership and demands of commitment. Displaying arms, hands, necks and fingers, cut off from the rest of the body. Twisted, shrunk or extended to provide a more elegant podium for diamond rings and pearl necklaces. The sparkling decadence directs our eyes and distracts us from the strange architecture carrying their weight. The monochrome objects that blend in with the velvety backdrop is here brought forward investigating the tension between romance and violence, and showing us the co