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Location: Chicago, IL

Website: www.chiaragalimberti.com

Altar to chosen family

Subversive communities and identities are often formed and supported by bonds found outside of blood families. “An altar to chosen family” is a collaborative public installation that attempts to imagine family trees that contain the tools we need to create the world we want, and to dismantle what we have inherited that no longer serves us. I will build an altar to thinkers, artists, writers, social justice activists and musicians that are part of my chosen family tree and invite people to add to the altar by bringing mementos and images of the people that have guided them and sustained them.


Within a religious framework ex-votos are home-made, populist attempts to access the divine for protection and health. I re-imagined the ex-votos of my childhood to use them as a manifestation of a collective and individual desire for liberation. In a historical time that asks us for visionary radical solutions to century-old dynamics of oppression, this project aims to invite us to take a moment to imagine what it will take to individually and collectively build the society we want and need, while acknowledging the creation of such a world will take all of our wildest, most extraordinary and courageous imagination.