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Location: Chicago, IL

Website: eseosaedebiri.com

Artist Statement

Eseosa Edebiri is a Nigerian American textile designer and fiber artist from Northern California. She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018 and now resides in Chicago. Her work focuses on giving representation to Black and Brown bodies. All too often these stories are told after they’ve passed. We continue to see instances of police brutality and Edebiri finds that the way these moments are shared desensitizes us as a community to these deaths. She seeks to share the sparks of joy and fleeting happiness that we do experience while they’re alive. When she does make work about these more jarring moments, it is with the intention to share information and not over stimulate our minds. Edebiri’s work reflects an interest in autonomy and thoughts on intergenerational trauma while having a slight cheeky playfulness to it. She has a very tactile side to her practice that explores touch and accessibility, aiming to create worlds and make settings as well.