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Location: Chicago, IL

Website: haleekinci.org

Monument for Feisty Women of My Distant Country

50″x75″ Solvent transfer, acrylic, crochet on paper

My work explores the absurd yet serious, traditional but whimsical, complex and simple narratives of the human condition; particularly regarding tribes of people connected by culture, tradition, language or a common cause for the community. I am attracted to stories that provide a more compassionate perspective on the topic I explore, be it folklore or political unrest.  Bizarre cultural and personal stories as well as objects, words, sayings, translations are the backbone of my voice. Recent political turmoil, the rejuvenation of youth through hope and revolt, and the acts of resistance against oppressive states also seep into the fabric of my work.

Fusing painting, collaged solvent transfers and crochet on paper, in this body of work I reference the rich visual history of Turkish textiles and its method of storytelling to negotiate my hybrid immigrant identity. Combining images of the collective with abstracted portraits from my heritage, I tell the story of an immigrant like an indigenous tapestry that weave together colorful symbols. Political scenes of the masses peak through layers of textile patterns that portray significant characters from my personal and cultural heritage, abstracted into archetypes.