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Location: San Diego, CA

Website: ivyguildart.com

Ivy Guild

Ivy Guild, a Los Angeles based artist, is a first-year MFA in the Studio Art program at the University of California, Irvine, and graduated from the University of San Diego in 2016 with a dual-degree in Visual Arts and Art History. She works in sculpture, fiber, photography, film, performance, and installation. Her ongoing research investigates materiality, intimacy, the uncanny, and the abject through contemporary women’s issues, the body, domesticity, and sanctuary. She reveres manual craft labor and employs it in conjunction with contemporary digital media in her fiber works to force a slower, meditative approach to her practice in a world overrun with anxiety-inducing immediacy and on-demand delivery of consumer content. Guild recently exhibited at Florida State University’s Museum of Fine Arts and the Dutzi Gallery of California State University Long Beach. She will be exhibiting at ACRE Projects in Chicago in April 2019.


Permeations of Percolation

Permeations of Percolation (2019) Sizes variable Materials: Chromogenic inkjet print on cotton, faux suede, fiber fill, thread. The artist’s menses was poured onto a piece of plexiglass, scanned, printed on cotton, and sewn into individual pillows.