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Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Website: www.johannesbarfield.com


Johannes James Barfield is a multimedia artist from Winston-Salem, NC who works in sculpture video and sound installations. Johannes received his MFA from VCUarts in Richmond, VA and his BFA from University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is the recipient of several fellowships and residencies including the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship, MASS MoCA Residency in North Adams, MA; fully funded by VCUarts and ACRE Residency, Southeastern US Equity Scholarship, in Steuben, WI, and The Lighthouse Works Fellowship Program in Fisher Island, NY. His interests revolve around the black experience in America and how building materials used in institutions, the road, automobiles, and media correspond to the amplification and nullification of blackness.

My Eyes Due See (2018)

single-channel video, music composition comprised of samples and live instrumentation created by artist, asphalt-covered rug, found car transmission, car jack, found car hoods, hand cut broomsedge grass, screen door mesh, Maglite 6 D cell flashlight, southern pine asphalt impregnated board, found asphalt chunks of road, forensic trajectory rod

My Eyes Due See (2018), 2min excerpt

single-channel video, Duration: 4:59 Loop 

In The Bilge Again (2017)

concrete, asphalt, wheatpaste, industrial fluorescent lamp,

extract from The Negro Motorist Green Book, 1940

featuring listings from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Meridian Mississippi

4ft x 10ft

Crown and Rusted Spoon (2019)

single-channel video, hand-harvested red clay soil (Ultisol) from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and

upright piano by Johannes James Barfield

Inspired by the poem “We Are The Ones” by Laura Neal Duration: 3:05