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Location: Chicago

Website: luismejico.com


Utilizing facets that form the basis for social bonds such as intimacy, empathy, and trust, Luis Mejico integrates structures of social relationships directly into the parameters of his work. Mejico creates projects that carry out gestures and expectations of person-to-person engagements, therefore emulating social bonds when translated into artwork. While For Me / For You, a submissions-based performance series, depends on sharing and trust to develop the real-world exchanges and collaborations Mejico has with his public, works that take the form of events and public programming such as Lecturas and Nineteen provide platforms for individuals to come together and form new relationships through reflection, celebration, and camaraderie. In doing so, Mejico restructures organic interpersonal connections into artworks that analyze and redefine social bonding through the formalizing of the very aspects that form relationships. By becoming the things that they examine, Mejico’s works test test the boundaries, expectations, and significance of archetypal human bonds by enacting their innate characteristics.

For You: We Tried