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Location: Lincoln, NE

Website: www.sarahberkeley.com

I Just Work Here

Sarah Berkeley is an artist who works across media questioning cultural norms such as the 9:00 to 5:00 work day, the office environment, indoor living, gender stereotypes and the voluntary sharing of personal data. She creates public interventions and durational performances which she documents using photography, video and GPS. I Just Work Here is a series of performances in urban and rural spaces. These performances are informed by my work experiences in various locations and environments, as well as my bi-class background. The character I embody for the series is a caricature of the workingwoman, a feminine persona that I have donned for some of my jobs, especially as a woman in the tech industry. Her office attire is a stark contrast to the landscape in which the performance occurs. This character has a controlled sexiness that gives her some power by playing into stereotypical gender-roles and the male gaze. The character performs repetitive, physically intense futile labor.