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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Website: cargocollective.com/veroniquedentremont

veronique d’entremont is a trans-disciplinary artist working primarily in sculpture and sound installation. They descend from a line of Sicilian women who are either blessed with spiritual gifts or cursed with bi-polar disorder, depending upon who you ask.  To make sense of this legacy and the resulting suicide of their own mother, veronique infuses personal documentary with elements of magical realism, using their work as a medium for building empathy, healing from inter-generational trauma and challenging notions of otherness. Through creative myth-making, veronique seeks pathways toward healing our relationships to our environment, to each other and to ourselves.  The artist looks to stories from early Christian mysticism, Sicilian folk magic and other earth-based practices for ways we may reimagine our attitudes toward neurodiversity and claim queer ancestry with human and non-human kin. veronique’s practice spans devotional sculpture, audio installation, video and performance, and involves an ongoing, inter-species collaboration with a feral colony of honeybees the artist believes to be the earthly manifestation of their deceased mother. veronique d'entremont has exhibited their work internationally, and locally has shown their work at Human Resources Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, The Pasadena Museum of California Art, The Torrance Art Museum, and the art galleries of Cypress College, Cerritos College, Palomar College, Chapman University and UCLA. Their solo exhibitions include Commonwealth and Council and SPACES Cleveland.  Veronique has been supported by numerous awards and residencies including a Joan Mitchell Fellowship, and residencies at the Joan Mitchell Center, SPACES Cleveland, ACRE, The Berwick Research Institute, Mesa Refuge and Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator.