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Application Instructions

ACRE aims to bring together a talented and diverse group of individuals in the early stages of their artistic practice who have demonstrated a commitment to artmaking and inquiry. An academic background in art is not required. Financial status is not a consideration in the admissions process. You must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the program and have a working knowledge of English. Application fees are non-refundable.

We designed our application to be straightforward and self-explanatory. You will find clarification for some sections of the application below, you can also check our FAQ page.


Applications are due by 11:59PM PST, March 4, 2018.
There will be no deadline extension this year.

  • The following browsers, if they are not very old versions, are compatible with the application:
    Internet Explorer (IE 10 or newer only!)
  • You can save your work and come back before final submission of your application by clicking save at the bottom of the page. Some fields must have text entered in order to save, enter any text as a placeholder.
  • Bookmark your application page to come back to it later or use your email address to re-enter your application at


Basic Information:

  • If a field does not apply to you, leave it blank.
  • Make sure to include ANY and ALL dietary or medical concerns.


Demographic Information:

  • Demographic information helps us to ensure we are supporting our community to the best of our abilities. We are also asked to report this information to our funders. This year, we are trying something new and ask that you both select from pre-determined choices listed and self-identity in a blank field.
  • Answers to this section are not considered during the review process. Admission to ACRE, the awarding of general financial assistance, and the pursuit of all ACRE activities are implemented without preference to racial or ethnic origins, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, or age.



  • Indicate which sessions you can attend by dragging the boxes into your order of preference. We can not guarantee you will receive your first choice. If there is a session that you absolutely can not attend, please make a note in the open field at the very bottom of the application. Please note that this year all sessions are 14 days long.


General Scholarships:

  • You will not be considered for a General Scholarship unless you check the box, complete the written portion of the financial aid section (which will pop up once you check the box), and exhibit serious financial need. Financial aid opportunities are limited and are awarded based on merit and financial need.


Special Scholarships:

  • Please select any special scholarships that you would like to be considered for. You must be eligible for the specific scholarship you select, complete the written portion of the financial aid section (which will pop up once you check the box), and exhibit serious financial need. More details about special scholarships can be found here.



  • You may apply with another applicant or applicants as a collaborative project. Please enter a name for your collaborative group- it can be as simple as “your name + your collaborator’s name.” Please ensure that all members of the collaborative group use the same exact name on each application.
  • Each member of the collaboration must complete and submit an application. However, only one primary application should include the written portion and portfolio. You must indicate if yours is the primary application.
  • Please use statements and work samples that reflect the collaboration as much as possible. If a new collaboration, you may use a statement and work samples from each member. Statements and work samples from all members must be included in the primary application. If members of the collaborative group would like to include a CV, then each member should upload their CV to their own application.


Your work is primarily:

  • Please select the category that best describes the work that is primary to your practice.
  • We understand that you may work across disciplines, but in order to ensure your application is reviewed by panelists who are familiar with the medium(s) you work in, we ask that you select just one discipline that best describes your primary mode of working as represented by your work samples.


Describe your current practice:

  • You must complete the written section regarding your current practice. There is a maximum of 100 words.
  • Collaborative groups may include one statement for the group or separate statements for each member on the primary application.


Describe one challenge you are facing in your practice, and how you might benefit from the time and space provided by a residency at ACRE? (Be specific.)

  • You must complete this written section. There is a maximum of 150 words.
  • Collaborative groups may include one response for the group or separate statements from each member on the primary application.


Work Samples/Portfolio:

  • You are limited to 20 files and/or 5 minutes of time based work.
  • You can submit images, text, audio, and video in any combination. PDFs should not be used for image portfolios: please upload the images individually and caption them on the application instead.
  • File formats should be as follows:
    images: JPEG or GIF (max: 1600 pixels on one side)
    documents: PDF (max: 20MB, up to 5 pages)
    audio: MP3
    video: H.264 codec, max bit rate 5.0 Mbit/s, max 720p in MOV or MP4 container.
  • To upload your files, click “Choose files.” You can upload up to 20 files at a time.
  • *Please note, we will not view links to videos uploaded to Youtube. You must upload your video through the application site.
  • Collaborative groups should upload all work samples on just the primary application.


Captions and information:

  • You are encouraged (though not required) to include a title and/or any other information or explanation for each of your portfolio work samples. Click on the file name and enter the information in the text box. 200 characters max per caption.
  • If you choose not to enter information, the default caption will be your file name.
  • You can determine the order in which your samples are viewed by dragging the file boxes into your preferred order.
  • You must upload your portfolio samples here, our admissions panel will not review websites or links in lieu of uploaded portfolio samples. If you are having trouble uploading portfolio samples, please contact us at



  • Including your CV is not required and considered supplemental to your application.
  • If members of a collaborative group would like to include a CV, then each member should upload their CV to their own application.



  • Here is where you should let us know about any other special needs or information we should know. For example: if there are certain dates you absolutely cannot attend, if you have any health conditions we should be aware of or that might make it difficult to help with washing dishes, or you would like to make special requests regarding your sleeping accommodations, including requests to share a single-bed apartment with another applicant.



  • One you have finished your application click on “continue”  at the bottom of the application. You will be brought to a page where you can review your application.
  • You can click on “edit” at the bottom of the page to fix any errors or you can submit your application at this time.
  • You can bookmark this page and return to edit your application at a later time by clicking save. You can also reach your application by entering your email address at


Submit and pay:

  • Once you are ready to submit your application, you will be directed to Paypal where you can pay the $35 (Jan 13-Feb 26) or $50 (Feb 27-March 4) application fee.
  • Once you’ve completed the payment, please wait until you’ve been returned to ACRE’s site to ensure your application is properly submitted. You will receive a confirmation email from us as well as Paypal.  If we find any error or missing information, we will contact you before the March 4th deadline.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, or submitted your application in error, please contact us at


*Please note that our return policy states that previous residents may not apply the following year that they attended the residency. This means alumni who attended in 2017 are not eligible to apply in 2018, but may apply again in 2019.

The ACRE Residency Program is open to all artists, including those with disabilities. Accommodations and assistance are available for artists with special needs. Please contact us for more information.