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Marwen Alumni Scholarship

2014 November 20
by theacreproject

ACRE has partnered with Marwen to create a scholarship opportunity for accepted residents who are also alumni of Marwen’s program. We are honored to take part in Marwen’s illustrious 29-year history of providing free visual arts classes to underserved Chicago youth by hosting the recipient of the Marwen Alumni Scholarship this summer at the ACRE Residency. ACRE’s two-tiered programming structure supports emerging artists through its residency program in rural Wisconsin, and subsequently provides all residents with exhibition opportunities in Chicago during the year.

To qualify for a Marwen Alumni Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Marwen alumnus over the age of 18.
  • Apply to the ACRE Residency Program by program deadline.
  • Indicate eligibility for Marwen Scholarship on the financial aid section of the ACRE Application.
  • Recipients will be encouraged to share their ACRE residency experience with the Marwen community..

Marwen has been educating and inspires underserved young people through the visual arts since 1987. Each year Marwen provides free visual arts courses, college planning and career development programs to more than 800 of Chicago’s underserved 6th-12th grade students from throughout the city.  For more information visit