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Established in 2015, the ceramics studio can accommodate those with previous experience and those new to working with ceramics. This summer we will be firing to cone 04 and cone 6 with two electric kilns that can handle pieces 24″ tall and 21″ in diameter. Residents interested in using the ceramics studio are highly encouraged to bring their own clay and glaze supplies if possible. A ceramics staff person will be there to lead workshops, assist with projects and manage the studio. Please note that due to drying and firing times, the ceramics studio should be most utilized at the beginning of the residency session.
Equipment: Cress FX-27P electric kiln, Skutt LM-1027 electric kiln, Brent potter’s wheel, Kick style potter’s wheel, hand tools, earthenware white clay, stoneware white clay, tan tableware clay, a variety of low fire, midrange, homemade and commercial glazes