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fibers 2015

ACRE’s Fiber Studio was introduced in 2014 and is lofted above the general studio area in The Chalet building. The studio boasts three floor looms and three tabletop looms with all the accessories needed to warp and weave. While we provide a variety of yarn, it is recommended that you supply your own for large projects or if you need a specific color or fiber. The Fiber Studio is also equipped with a sewing machine and materials for sewing, embroidery, and crochet. A small dye kitchen was added in 2016 for working with natural dyes. A Fiber Studio tech is available to help with fiber-related projects and will provide weaving workshops and other fiber related tutorials to interested residents. Also consider working in conjunction with the printmaking facilities, which are capable of printing on fabric.

EQUIPMENT: 4-Harness Rug Weaving Loom, 2 4-Harness Standing Looms, 3 4-Harness Tabletop Looms, Warping Board, Boat Shuttles, Rag Shuttles, Flat Shuttles,  Bobbins, Reed Hook, Pick-up Sticks, Various Yarn, Fabric Scissors, Scissors, Various Fabric + Scraps, Drop Spindle, Various Raw Wool, Embroidery Floss, Various Embroidery Hoops, Sewing Machine, Various Thread, Various Needles, Pins, Crochet Hooks, Iron, Ironing Board