To qualify for a Scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Apply to the ACRE Residency Program by program deadline.

  • Indicate eligibility for Scholarship and complete the financial aid section on the ACRE application form.

Scholarships are not guaranteed.

General Scholarship

A limited number of general scholarships are available each year. These are awarded based on both merit as determined by our admissions process and financial need as determined by an admissions committee review of financial need statements.


2020 Special Scholarship Opportunities

Equity Scholarship

ACRE offers 10 half-scholarships ($350 off full fee) to artists with diverse practices and backgrounds. ACRE strives to create an inclusive environment, welcoming and celebrating all media of art production, with a focus in interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering the involvement of underrepresented communities at the residency. This scholarship was established to support heterogeneity at the residency and in public programming. We believe that providing an opportunity for artists traditionally underrepresented at residencies to attend ACRE at a discounted rate will reinforce our goal of providing support to young and emerging artists in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Individual artists as well as 2 and 3 person collaborative projects are eligible to receive this scholarship.

Southeastern US Equity Scholarship

The Southeastern US Equity Scholarship enables artists of color residing in the Southeastern United States to attend the ACRE Residency free of charge. This includes food and lodging for the two-week residency period, as well as access to the myriad facilities and artist community available to ACRE residents. This scholarship also includes a travel stipend of $300. The Southeastern US Equity Scholarship supports our goal to engage partnerships that enable artists from outside our region to attend the residency and connect to our network. To qualify you must be an artist of color residing in the Southeastern United States.

For the intent of this scholarship, “Southeastern United States” includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Northeastern Illinois University Alumni Scholarship

Initiated by Northeastern Illinois University Art Department faculty, this scholarship is offered to one accepted resident per year who is an alumni of NEIU. The Northeastern Illinois Alumni Scholarship will be based on successful completion of a degree program 12 months or more from the start date of the summer residency (June 2020). Though all alumni of NEIU are welcome to apply, preference will be given to artists who identify as members of underrepresented communities. 

To qualify you must have completed a Bachelor's degree between 2009-2019.

Artist-Parent Scholarship

Supported by the Sustainable Arts Foundation, ACRE provides one scholarship each year for artists who parent children. This opportunity is intended to support artists with children by alleviating financial burden of childcare costs and residency fees for artist parents who participate in residency programs. The Artist-Parent scholarship includes free attendance to the Residency Program, including food and lodging for the two-week residency period, as well as access to the myriad facilities and artist community available to ACRE residents. This scholarship also includes a $1500 stipend intended for childcare expenses during the residency period. While ACRE unfortunately is not able to host anyone under the age of 18 onsite, we are proud to offer other support for artists with children that find being away from home for a two-week residency difficult to accommodate.

To qualify you must be an artist responsible for parenting at least one child.

Marwen Alumni Scholarship

In partnership with Marwen, ACRE offers up to 2 scholarships for accepted residents who are alumni of Marwen’s program. We are honored to celebrate Marwen’s illustrious 30-year history of providing free visual arts classes to underserved Chicago youth by hosting the recipient of the Marwen Alumni Scholarship at the ACRE Residency. We believe providing an opportunity for Marwen alumni to attend ACRE’s residency free of charge will reinforce our common goal of empowering young emerging artists.

To qualify you must be a Marwen Alumnus and must notify Associate Director of Eduction Sarah Atlas of their intention to apply for the ACRE Residency and the Marwen Scholarship. Recipients will be encouraged to share their ACRE residency experience with the Marwen community. 

Marwen educates and inspires young people from under-resourced schools and communities through the visual arts. Marwen provides free visual arts classes, college preparation, and career development programs to students in grades 6-12.

For more information visit

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Alumni Scholarship

In partnership with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), ACRE offers a scholarship opportunity to accepted residents who are Master’s level graduates from SAIC. This partnership was established to support the careers of SAIC graduates and provide free services to their alumni artists. Eligibility for the SAIC Alumni Scholarship will be based on successful completion of an SAIC Graduate Program within 12 months of the start date of the summer residency (June 2020). Both traditional and Low Residency MFA candidates are eligible.

To qualify you must have completed an SAIC Graduate Program between May 2019-May 2020.

Virginia Aberle Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established to celebrate the life and honor the memory of our dear volunteer, alumni, friend and collaborator, Virginia Anne Aberle. A pillar of the ACRE community, Virginia wholly embodied the values of collaboration and mutual support that we strive toward as an organization. Virginia’s Memorial Scholarship will provide the opportunity for an artist working with an expansive, community-based practice to attend the residency program free of charge.

To qualify you must be an artist whose practice is rooted in or engages with communities. 


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