ACRE’s woodshop is a 2000-square-foot covered, outdoor area with a newly-poured concrete floor, new electric, and lots of work tables.

All basic wood shop tools and equipment are available (please see a simplified list below). The shop sits next to a gigantic lumber yard full of salvaged timbers and usable scraps from buildings demolished in Chicago and salvaged by one of the owners of the farm. Many residents in the past have requested and been given access to this lumber (sometimes for a small fee). The wood shop staff also facilitates other sculptural processes, such as mold making and casting. At least one volunteer technician is always available to advise and assist with sculptural projects. Residents planning to make heavy use of the woodshop should bring or be prepared to buy or replace consumable items such as screws and sandpaper.

Jointer (6”), Surface Planer (12”), Pancake Air Compressor, Contractor Table Saw (10”), Drill Press, Sliding Miter Saw, Oscillating Belt Sander, Assorted Clamps, Assorted Hand Tools, Assorted Nail Guns, Shop Vice, Soldering Iron, Cordless Drills, Jigsaws, Circular Saw, Palm Sanders, Bench Grinder, Hand-held Grinder, Drill Bits, Forstner Bits, Spade Bits, Assorted Hardware, Wood Glue, Table Saw Accessories: Cross Cut Sled, Miter Gauge