The Jewish Museum of Chicago presents Chicago Artists for Palestine Exhibition + Fundraiser, organized in partnership with ACRE.

57 Chicago artists have donated artworks in support of families seeking to evacuate from Gaza. 100% of every auction sale will be distributed to the families. All campaigns have been verified by organizers on the ground in Cairo.

The exhibition features art by Cristobal Alday, Ingrid Olson, Yaismel Alba Garib, Amy Pearl Lang, Josh Dihle, Isaac Couch, Mikey Mosher, Aya Nakamura, Farah Salem, Yue Xu, Alden Burke, E. Saffronia Downing, Hope Wang, Olive Stefanski, Shama Kipfer-Tessler, Jess Bass, Araceli Zuniga, Kayla Taylor, Abby Holgerson, Rob Sohmer, [jef]Frey Michael Austin, Lily Homer, erin torney-lynch, Fabrizzio Subia, Monika Plioplyte, Angela Azmitia, Nimrod Astarhan, Ále Campos, Zola Rollins, Jade Williams, Alissa Lasch, mack baker, Selina Trepp, Tali, Molly Blumberg, Julia Klein, Mariel Harari, Courtney Mackedanz, Chad Kouri, Roland Knowlden, Jordan Knecht, K. Aki Takebayashi, Bat Sarah Press, Andalib, Simone Whiteley-Allen, Luba Mendelevich, Anna Patrick, Hai-Wen Lin, Anneli Goeller, Frances Miller, Nicole Doran, Mindy Scott, Dontay Lockett, olivier, Eseosa Edebiri, Grace Needlman, and Alexis de Chaunac.

Exhibition open hours include:  
 - May 18 from 3 - 8pm in conjunction with ACRE Summer Daze
 - May 20, 22, 27, & 29 from 12 - 3pm
 - June 1 for a Live Auction preview from 10am - 2pm
 - June 2 for the Live Auction from 3 - 6pm

Jewish Museum of Chicago

The idea for the Jewish Museum of Chicago emerged from several conversations with other Jewish folks living in the region from which a crucial fact emerged: there is not a museum for contemporary Jewish art in the city or state. The closest institution would be the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Illinois. The Holocaust Museum however does not deal specifically with contemporary art rooted in Anti-Zionism and Palestinian Liberation, as the Jewish Museum of Chicago will. 

A museum does not get built overnight. However, this organization is the first building block towards the goal of a brick and mortar Jewish Museum in Chicago. Taking the form of group meetings, public programs, critiques, and exhibition making, the museum intends to highlight the joy and liberation of Judaism, as opposed to the strife and suffering. The project aims to offer accessible and multigenerational entry points to storytelling, organizing, and cultural art practices. 

Led by a coalition of Anti-Zionist artists, the museum will likely be a multi-decade collective project with the long term goal of establishing a physical location. The Jewish Museum of Chicago, although its name might indicate, does not intend to center Jewish artists or experience, but instead explores the Jewish values of: the pursuit of justice (tzedek), repairing the world (tikkun olam) and charitable giving (tzedekah).


Opening Reception:

ACRE Projects Lakeview
2921 N Clark St
Chicago , IL 60657

Not Wheelchair Accessible

On Sunday, June 2 from 3 - 6pm, the Jewish Museum will host a Live Auction featuring refreshments and in-person bidding on the artworks included in the exhibition. Advance tickets are available for $10 via Eventbrite and $15 the day of. All auction artwork is priced with starting bids ranging from $25 - $300.


Accessibility Information:

ACRE Projects is on the ground level with a 4-inch step to enter the building. The bathroom is wheelchair accessible. Masks are not required to enter the space but we do have masks available upon request. For additional information, please contact this event's accessibility coordinator Lauren Leving at