November 14th 2020 – December 20th 2020 / BasketShop
Photograph of sculptural works in the show with blue tile along the wall

Elliot Doughtie at Basketshop

September 1st 2020 – November 1st 2020 / Hyde Park Art Center
Installation shot of "AT,FOR, BY" at the Hyde Park Art Center for Artist's Run Chicago 2.0

"AT, FOR, BY: 10 years of ACRE" at the Hyde Park Art Center

September 12th 2020 – October 11th 2020 / LVL3
Promotional flyer for exhibition with title and schematic design with blue arrows

Ruth Burke, Zack Ingram, and Libbi Ponce at LVL3

May 5th 2020 – June 5th 2020 / ACRE Projects
Video still depicting a person crouched in a green field of plants.

A printed and mailed publication with work by Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez, D’Angelo Lovell Williams, and Hannah Bates / Organized by Rachel McDermott

May 8th 2020 – June 10th 2020 / Ground Level Platform
Digital flyer for website with colorfol 3D renderings and T-Rex, text with information about the site.

A browser-based experience created by residents KT Duffy and María Luisa Sanín Peña with Ground Level Platform

March 5th 2020 – March 27th 2020 / UPI Gallery
Photograph of person standing knee deep in water wearing a cloak with a ship painted on it.

Farah Salem at the United Photo Industries Gallery / produced by Photoville

March 6th 2020 – March 27th 2020 / ACRE Projects
Promotional image for exhibition depicting a white walled space with "THESE SPACES HOLD US" on the walls.

Yasmeen Nematt Alla, Jonathan Herrera Soto, Annie Kielman / curated by Rohan Ayinde

February 14th 2020 – March 13th 2020 / Ground Level Platform
Collage depicting two figures leaning against one another against a peach colored background

Bonny Nahmias at Ground Level Platform

February 7th 2020 – February 29th 2020 / ACRE Projects
Two photographs of works by the artists, the left is of multi-colored satin fabric by Marie Baldwin and the right is a clay heart by Allan J. Masterson

Marie Baldwin and Allan J. Masterson / Curated by Lindsay Hutchens

January 17th 2020 – February 22nd 2020 / Ignition Projects
Photograph of hand holding a circular object against a grey background

Yesenia Bello / Curated by Elizabeth Lalley

December 6th 2019 – January 4th 2020 / ACRE Projects
Black and white photography of two figures in a house, one is levitating on their back.

Mark Blanchard, Sarita Garcia, and Kushala Vora / Curated by Elizabeth Lalley

November 15th 2019 – December 22nd 2019 / Ignition Projects
Chantal Wnuk

Chantal Wnuk at Ignition Projects / Curated by Elizabeth Lalley

November 8th 2019 – November 29th 2019 / ACRE Projects
Photograph of Stephanie Woods piece "What Glitters Ain't Always Gold", depicting mixed media including paint and text on a plastic material

Johannes Barfield, Pallavi Sen, and Stephanie J. Woods / curated by Adia Sykes

October 4th 2019 – October 31st 2019 / ACRE Projects
Photograph of Dominga Opazo's piece "Corrosion" made of pieces screen printed cardboard, hung on the wall.

Ji Su Kwak, Dominga Opazo, Renee Yu Jin / Curated by Lucy Stranger

September 13th 2019 – October 11th 2019 / Baby Blue Gallery
Image of various portraits of six people blended together

Marta Rodriguez Maleck at Baby Blue Gallery

September 6th 2019 – September 28th 2019 / ACRE Projects
Photograph of four circular cast bronze objects with nails and other materials sticking out of them

Veronique d’Entremont, Sharon Koelblinger, and Benedict Scheuer / Curated by Lauren Leving

August 16th 2019 – September 15th 2019 / Annas
Dark black image with two abstracted dotted forms in the middle

Rohan Ayinde, Cameron A. Granger, and Joshi Radin at Annas

September 10th 2019 – October 8th 2019 / LVL3
Pink and black graphic image for show "in-betweenness" at LVL3 depicting an abstract shape amidst chainlink fencing.

Janina Anderson, Sera Boeno, Kaveri Raina, and Ellie Tomlinson at LVL3

August 2nd 2019 – August 30th 2019 / ACRE Projects
Blue illustration on arranged tiles by Mandy Messina, text spells out "Kombuistaal A History of Afrikaans"

Amanda Assaley, Fidencio Fifield-Perez, and Mandy Messina / curated by Adia Sykes

June 28th 2019 – July 28th 2019 / ACRE Projects
Photograph of a large geodesic dome made of wood, a person is crouched on their knees inside of the dome holding a stuffed animal

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Jerico Domingo, Lariel Joy, Molly O’Connell, and Cristina Victor / Curated by Max Guy