ACRE Projects is pleased to present "Perhaps Blue is a Cool Color, After All," a solo show by artist Eseosa Edebiri.

A few parts that make up the whole, Perhaps Blue is a Cool Color, After All, is an examination room, a doorway to neither here nor there, yet when or wherever you would like to come or go, and the remnants of the playroom in the children’s hospital. 

Cold plastic is always present in a space where nothing is a given.

The words came as the artist lay in a hospital bed, the same room for 16 weeks straight, pondering the familiarity, or in this instance, the lack thereof. Something felt ajar. Consumed with looking, searching, wanting - until realizing what was missing: the sky panel. Though the patient is not drawn to meditation, this exception opened the door to focus on a space outside of the one within. This space felt timeless, it was the window to any space and time in any city or state. As we age, spaces age as well, losing their warmth and color, turning them into cold plastic.

In conjunction with the exhibit, ACRE will host an artist talk presented by Eseosa Edebiri at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 14th. 

Eseosa Edebiri

Eseosa Edebiri is an interdisciplinary artist from the Bay Area based in Chicago, where she received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute. 

Edebiri’s work focuses on the more challenging conversations we may have out in the world while taking a softer approach to the topic, in an attempt to not add to the ever-growing desensitization of the trauma of it all. Whether discussions on intergenerational trauma, autonomy, or conversations on health and wellness, the way we approach the topic is essential. That is why she takes this tactile approach, focusing the materiality on what is often plush to touch. The color palette reflects this softness with its bright, child-like innocence, hopefully inviting you to soothe the artist's inner child. While Edebiri has been playing with the balance between soft and hard, some recent work has been more lighthearted. She is interested in playing with space, time, and a sense of what could be where or when are you going or are you coming? Often playing on the uncanny and the nostalgic.


Opening Reception:

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Wheelchair Accessible

ACRE Projects Gallery is located on the ground floor of the Drama Club building. There is a single step up to access the gallery. Bathrooms are accessible via a staircase on the lower level of the building. ACRE is working to secure a ramp for the front entrance and an accessible bathroom in a neighboring business. Your accessibility coordinator for the opening event is Programs Director Tiffany Johnson, who can be reached at