Scattered throughout the grounds for most of the day, all residents and staff come together for exceptional meals and conversations.

Breakfast is provided each morning in the lodge, continental style. Residents eat lunch and dinner communally in a large screened-in outdoor dining hall and kitchen. Prepared by a large team of chefs and assistants, each meal is made from locally-sourced meats, veggies, and dairy. Options for vegans and vegetarians are available upon request, and food is prepared specially for those with other dietary restrictions.

A Note From the ACRE Kitchen:

Food is an integral aspect of the residency experience at ACRE. We are a volunteer, artist-run kitchen dedicated to providing healthy meals and supporting sustainable food producers around the Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin. Leading up to the residency, the kitchen staff works as a team to design a diverse menu including options at every meal to accommodate dietary restrictions. Our collective passion for quality and the opportunity to learn from each other motivates us to make as much as possible from scratch. As our kitchen grows we are also incorporating programming for staff and residents to explore historical, aesthetic, and political dimensions of eating. As artists who are interested in food, we try to integrate some of our own conceptual interests by curating an experience of appreciation and learning through workshops, lectures, tastings, tutorials and panel discussions. Past events have included thorough foraging walks, debates about sustainable agriculture between local Amish and certified organic farmers, beer and cheese tastings and lessons on pasta making, nettle harvesting and butchering techniques. Whether it’s a debate about the efficacy or ethics of food production, experimenting with new culinary techniques, or sharing an old family recipe, the ACRE Kitchen is constantly seeking to expand our community’s experience of the food we share at the table.