Chicago comes to Miami

By Dana Bassett / 11.10.12

Acre Residency and Cooperative Exhibition Project (also known as ACRE Projects) is a residency program based in Chicago that hosts over 90 residents, artists, writers, musicians, and art critics each summer at their lodge in rural Steuben, Wisconsin.

During the year ACRE shows their residents work at their own gallery in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago as well as at partner galleries across the city. This year, for the first time, ACRE left their pastoral origins and headed to Miami with a jam-packed program of exhibitions, projects and performances.

ACRE Projects hosted a library in the lobby of the NADA Art Fair at the Deauville hotel, where visitors sat around a [fake] fire and perused artists books and small editions. They also produced a daily newspaper, the ACRE PAPER, which highlighted events during the Basel week...